Attica, New York is both the name of a town and the name of a village that is incorporated with that town. Both the town and the village of Attica are lovely, quiet rural getaways from the hustle and bustle of much of New York. Nevertheless, Attica is strategically placed between the cities of Rochester, New York and Buffalo, New York, which means that the residents of Attica are never more than a short drive away from the lively environment of the big city. 

Before the town of Attica was incorporated, people in the area settled and established the village of Attica in 1802. The town itself was founded nine years later in 1811. That timing could not have been more ideal, as many residents from the city of Buffalo fled to the Attica area during the War of 1812. 

One of the most successful business endeavors in the town of Attica was the Pineapple Cheese Factory. For years, the factory produced a wide variety of cheese and molds, until the company was sold to the Kraft Cheese Company. 

 Attica is perhaps most famous for the 1971 Attica Prison riots. The riots, which took place at the Attica Correctional Facility over the course of four days, resulted in the death of 43 individuals. The riots resulted in a closer look at the way prisons are operated, and they also became a symbolic event for much of the counterculture movement. 

Since then, nothing that shocking has happened in the Attica area. In fact, things around Attica are mostly quiet and peaceful. That's exactly the way the people who live in Attica, New York like it.  And that is exactly why all of us in Upstate Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram love selling new vehicles and used cars in Attica, NY near Rochester, Batavia, Buffalo, Lancaster and Alden.