Everyone wants that road trip to go perfectly, but many drivers put so much effort into planning for having fun on the trip, they neglect taking precautions in case things go wrong. The following road trip safety tips will ensure you have the safest possible drive to that destination.

  • Keep a gas can in the trunk in case you run out of fuel on the drive
  • Check the spare tire is inflated and in decent condition
  • Bring along a big role of duct tape to make repairs on the go
  • Carry a gallon of engine coolant in the event the car overheats
  • Replace all the windshield wipers, top off the washer fluid
  • Take along a tire gauge and check the pressure in each of the tires when getting gas

Stop by our service center and one of our friendly auto technicians will provide you a pre-road-trip check-up on your car too.

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